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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
September again
1) Re-bumping the list of September songs that I've been compiling since 2005:
Songs about September
Possibly the most complete list of such songs on the Internet. Hey, I have to be known for something.

2) Spent Labor Day watching an all-day Star Trek marathon. Best Labor Day Ever. Also: steak. Yum!

3) New year, new red hair. It startles me every time I look in the mirror.

4) Confirmed that the second chloroplast marker is in fact falling into haplotypes that make sense, AND forming new haplotypes I wasn't getting with the first marker. Weeks of effort not in fact down the drain. Hooray!

5) Thrilled that John McCain named a woman to be his VP. Too bad Sarah Palin is diametrically opposed to everything I stand for, point-for-point. I actually would not mind McCain being president but I do not like her being next in line. Is it too soon to start a "Keep McCain Alive" fundraising drive in case the Republicans win?


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