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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I have just been horrified by a Facebook ad
"The Kit for Tween Girls. Prepare your daughter with The Dot Girl's First Period Kit. Stylish and cute. Moms and girls love it!"

Happy Festivus!!
A very restless dog during the night meant I got little sleep and also had completely bizarre dreams. First, I dream-watched the last few plays of the Bears game, and they lost. I woke up feeling sad that their playoff hopes are over, then thought, hey wait a minute, they *won* last night. Then, I had a long and elaborate dream about my college friends worried that I was going to commit suicide, and I wasn't but I really wanted to be left alone. I kept sneaking away and doing fun stuff, only to see them arrive a short time later, describing me to security personnel and then spotting me across the room with relief. It was very tiring. I'm reading the Bell Jar so that's an easy one. Then finally, I dreamed that I saw a man fall off a truck of laborers and get run over by another truck on the highway. I pulled over and went back to offer help but the laborers were apparently all paramedics and they had the situation well in hand. The man was dark purple and his head was flattened like it was made of dough, and his buddies were sitting around joking and waiting for him either to die or reinflate. As I watched, he did actually start to look more rounded and less purple, and I stood by helplessly with a bottle of water and sputtered in amazement.

I finished my Christmas shopping at pretty much the last possible minute. I was at the downtown Border's at 5:00 yesterday, along with 100,000 other people. Insane or efficient? You decide!

Overheard on the L this morning: a rant by a not entirely sane young woman who had some gripe against Mormons, the inbred Mormons of Chicago and the Midwest. She also helpfully explained to all of us what "inbred" means: it's the genes all smooshing together wrong. Religion + genetics = I wish I'd brought my iPod today.
Friday, December 12, 2008
12 shopping days until Christmas
From Daley Plaza, today:

The fractal Christmas tree. The tree is constructed from many smaller trees, each of which has tree-like branches, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The Big Man himself, giving his lap a rest

At the Kristkindlmarkt candy and nut shop. I did both!

Overheard at Kristkindlmarkt: [scornfully] "Pretzels? Bratwurst? It's like 'Christmas comes to Germany!'" The fact that themed festivals often have, you know, *themes*, is lost on some people.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
My governor is more corrupt than your governor
Just when it was no longer fun to take shots at Sarah Palin, Gov. Rod Blagojevich came along with his "Sure, I'll appoint Candidate A to fill Obama's Senate seat but what's in it for me??" renditions caught on tape. Why couldn't he just have sex with a hooker like regular governors?? I don't know if I should be more shocked at his general sliminess or at his utter stupidity, conspiring on his own phone while he knows he's under investigation. Or perhaps he's very, very ballsy. He did once brag of "testicular fortitude". He wasn't kidding!

So Illinois goes from being Capital of the Free World to Complete Embarrassment. Oh how I hate you right now, Rod. At least I didn't vote for you that second time. Fool me once, shame on... dammit, it's hard to remember anymore how that's supposed to go.

Note to the world: Illinois is a very nice place filled with lots of upstanding, hardworking, honest people. Our President-elect, for one, and as far as I know, all of the candidates for the open Senate seat. We just seem to have a problem electing good governors. Maybe there's a class we can take?
Friday, December 05, 2008
I was just a few days ago thinking how fortunate we are that Foley is so healthy and we haven't needed any trips to the vet in months and months. That was stupid of me, yes? I took her in yesterday and found that the mystery swelling in her foot is an abscess (and I have just now learned how to spell abscess) so no daycare for a while, plus antibiotics and epsom salts. We're trading off dogsitting duties until she can go back. She doesn't seem to mind hanging out at home with Mommy. It's Mommy who's bored out of her head!

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