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Friday, June 27, 2003
So somehow I have become the ticket maven of the family. In the last several months, I've been in charge of buying tickets to so many events that I feel myself turning into a Ticketmaster outlet. Let's see... Disturbed, REM, White Stripes, Da Vinci's Notebook, multiple Cubs games (here and in AZ), Metallica... working on getting tickets to Chicago (the musical, not the city - I already live in the city, duh)... am I forgetting anything? Not to mention winning tickets to the Xmen (woo!) and to White Stripes. Now I'm working on unloading the extra WS tix, but luckily my first-ever eBay auction went really well, so yay, that's done. Also have extra REM tix but I think I have a buyer. Really must settle down on the events, yo. But they're so much fun!! What's the point of living in such a great city if I don't take advantage of it?

Going to our first Cubs-Sox game today. It's at Comiskey, er, US Cellular Field. Whatever. It's just Soxpark now. I'm glad they got money for the naming rights but gees, couldn't a company with a cooler-sounding name have bought them? Like, I don't know, Mad Dog Software. Mad Dog Park! Now there's a place I'd go watch baseball. US Cellular... feh. Anyway, game should be fun, although Clement's last outing was a bit embarrassing. I hope he has his stuff today. And that the bullpen doesn't screw up like they did yesterday. *sigh*

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