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Monday, September 12, 2005
See you in September
In honor of my birth month, a list of songs about September:
  1. See You in September (The Happenings) (live video)
  2. Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day) (live video)
  3. September Song (written by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson for the 1938 Broadway show Knickerbocker Holiday; performed by many including Willie Nelson, Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra) (listen - Sinatra version)
  4. September (Earth Wind and Fire) (listen)
  5. September Morn (Neil Diamond) (live video) (cover)
  6. September When It Comes (Roseanne Cash) (video)
  7. The September of My Years (Frank Sinatra) (cover)
  8. Try to Remember (from The Fantasticks) (live performance by Ed Ames) (Thanks, Janice!)
  9. September Gurls (Big Star, covered by The Bangles) (live performance by Susanna Hoffs)
  10. September in the Rain (Al Dubin; performed by James Melton in Melody for Two in 1937) (cover by Deborah Cox) (cover by The Beatles in a 1962 audition)
  11. Maybe September (Tony Bennett)
  12. Come September (Natalie Imbruglia) (homemade video)
  13. Remember September (Belinda Carlisle)
  14. Raining in September (Rufio) (cover)
  15. It Might As Well Rain Until September (Carole King) (listen)
  16. Wet Day in September (Pussycat) (video)
  17. September Rain (Sentimental Graffiti)
  18. September All Over (September) (bad video)
  19. Late September (Deepest Blue) (video)
  20. Late September Dogs (Melissa Etheridge) (live video)
  21. September Girl (Martin Klingman) (video)
  22. Pale September (Fiona Apple) (listen)
September is bittersweet; good things come to an end, but with anticipation of a peaceful rest in the not too distant future. It also represents new beginnings (school!) and a chance to slow down after the wearying race to Get the Most Out of Summer; a chance to reflect on your life, to start over. September is melancholy and yet leaves room for hope. It is my favorite month of the year.


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