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Thursday, March 18, 2004
The CTA broke my flower.
Went to the Flower and Garden show after class today. It was actually one of the best shows I've been to - the vendor area was huge, and I enjoyed seeing the winners of the horticulture competitions. I think this is the first time that I didn't see the creepy topiaries, and I was glad; they're a bit too "The Shining" for my taste. I really liked the Botanic Garden's garden, a semi-naturalist meadow of medium-height grasses scattered with white tulips and tiny blue flowers. Oh, for a few acres where I could carry such a thing out! Anyway, I figured out how to use Photoshop to put a gallery together - see the pics here.

I bought two small orchids, fully expecting that they would not survive for long, but wanting to give it a shot anyway. The Grand bus was so crowded, though, that I couldn't protect the bag, and one whole flower plus the growing tip broke off from one plant before I even got home :(

Also saw the *coolest* plant ever. Seriously. I need to figure out what it was, and get me one. Will not take it home on the bus this time, though.


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