2004 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

azaleas blueflowers bluegarden
A sea of azaleas - it was actually a little hard on the eyes Blue flowers were "in" this year I still can't get over the fact that they bring in full-grown *trees* for the show.
ferriswheel hancock hydrangea
Navy Pier's ferris wheel This display was interesting... various Chicago sights rendered in plant material. I really liked this one. Just a very lovely hydrangea. All together now...the white things are bracts, not petals!
lycopodium odyssey shoppes
An award-winning club moss. Was having a sentimental moment... this is the very boat on which we got engaged, many many years ago! The photo doesn't really do justice to this display, which stretched much of the length of the east wall. It's a simulation of 19th century Batavia, and the shops and their plantings were done with a remarkable attention to detail.
Another of the "Chicago rendered in plants" display, this is actually Wrigley Field. The "dirt" is peanuts and cracker jack (!). The ivy is...well, ivy.