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Sunday, January 11, 2009
OD on TV
I had the television all to myself this weekend and I'm afraid I may have gone a little nuts. In the past two days, I have consumed:
-Part 1 of PBS's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" (it's literature so thus excusable)
-5 episodes of House
-1 episode of Monk
-Movie "The Queen" (boring - sometimes I forget that such things as royalty still operate in the Western world and it boggles my mind)
-Movie "Enchanted" (surprisingly good, esp. in its send-ups of Disney princess movies)
-Movie "Regarding Henry"
-Movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" (not bad, needed to be about twice as long to do justice to its six plots; also made me want to read the books again)
-Movie "Pride and Prejudice" (the Keira Knightly one... not nearly as good as the Colin Firth one, of course, and Donald Sutherland drives me crazy and makes a TERRIBLE Mr. Bennet; also, literature, so not really TV, right?)
-Chicago's Lakefront Tour on PBS (and now I really wish spring would come because I want to visit the Stephen Douglas tomb at 35th St.)
-Season 1 summary of Damages; Battlestar Galactica webisodes; an hour of news and two hours of pointless sitcoms

Another point re: Pride and Prejudice: the actors, at the end, felt the need to say some extraneous dialog so modern audiences Got the Point. "Because, see, I was proud, and pride is bad, but I got over it! And then there was prejudice, but we took the time to actually learn what each other is like and that went away. Hence the title!" And then an excessively drawn-out scene of kissing and cuddling that would have made Ms. Austen stalk off the set in disgust.

Tess, however, is very good, and part 2 is on the Tivo right now. Ooh, I should watch it!! Or perhaps I'll just go to bed. And lest you think I'm a total slacker, I also edited a couple hundred DNA sequences, shoveled multiple times, took the dog in for her shots, and cleaned the kitchen and the tub. So nyah.

Speaking of the dog...

I don't think she was amused by the foot of snow we got.


Blogger Heather said...

We have the Keira Knightly P&P too. I've watched the first half or so, but the autistic interpretation of Mr. Bingley got on my nerves (with apologies to the truly autistic).

Oh, and I LOVED Enchanted! I think more than either of the girls!

8:09 AM  

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