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Saturday, January 31, 2009
I wish I could raise money for my research by selling something like Girl Scout cookies. Hubby and I made spectacles of ourselves when the Girl Scouts came to our door the other day. I need a scam like that! Maybe I should start selling M&Ms outside Barnes and Noble like the basketball players do.

In high school we sold donuts to raise money for prom. It was like printing money. I purchased rather a lot myself. The donuts may have been more memorable than the prom itself.

In related news: I'm down to N-2 already. I've been very good and not terribly unhappy so yay me!


Anonymous Jen "Laurel" Boeyink said...

One girl I knew in high school made an absolute killing selling Blo-Pops for 25c each at school. She'd get a big bag of them at Sam's for $2.00 and I doubt she ever made less than $10.00 profit per bag.

5:38 PM  

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