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Friday, September 19, 2008
It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Starting Monday I will be assisted in the lab by a very nice undergraduate student. I've been kidding about "My Undergrad," "My Peon," etc. but in fact I am thrilled she's here and I hope she enjoys the experience and learns lots. I talked to her for a while yesterday and found her to be interested and perceptive. I on the other hand was totally nervous and could not stop babbling. I hope I didn't frighten her off! I think on Monday I'll take her on a five-minute field trip to visit my trees before we delve into lab work.

This week, I took our cookie jar full of used batteries in for recycling, and also got rid of 4 old cell phones. I feel virtuous and also a little lighter now that all those things are out of the house. Now if only I could take a flamethrower to our basement, I'd feel as free as a barn swallow.

Yesterday I went to a workshop and reception for university fellows and discovered that they expect each of us to choose a faculty mentor, someone outside of our department. The nervous first-year students were nodding sagely but I was offended by the concept of Forced Mentoring. I'm in my fifth year and I am over 35 and I have a great relationship with my advisor and committee. I do not need any more school or life advice, thanks very much. I'll be a good sport about attending other fellowship events but I think this form is going to, oops, fall into the recycling bin.

Cubs magic number is TWO. The sad thing is that if the Cubs lose the next two games and the Brewers also lose their next two games, the Cubs clinch. What a pathetic anticlimax that would be. In fact, it's so pathetic I almost hope it happens.


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