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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Headline in the UIC News today: Hot Flashes Underreported and Linked to Forgetfulness

I meant to report the hot flash I had last night, but I quite understandably forgot.

Leaving for Minneapolis in three days for the Evolution conference. The conference program mentions nearby Minnehaha Park as a place to visit, and says it has basswood. Noooo, don't tell me there's basswood or I'll be compelled to go get some!! My poster has been sent to the printer; now I just need to brush up on the content so my brain is fully charged and ready to interact with my fascinated and curious public. The final bunches of permits are coming in, except the ones where the issuers have gone mysteriously silent on me, and the national park that is being VERY fussy about the existence of their frozen leaves in our freezer. It's tempting to say I won't bother with national parks anymore but a certain other park was so incredibly helpful that it would be a shame if I'd missed working with them. They even offered me housing!

I was going to do some DNA extractions today but since there are rumors afoot of a 96-sample homogenizer in the works, dragging out the old mortar and pestle seems kind of inefficient. So perhaps I will have an Intellectual Day instead and do some reading. It's been a while since I've stretched my brain.


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