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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Mayday randomity
1) Could it be?? Yes!! It's the Return of the Obvious Metaphor Anxiety Dream!! Last night's dream featured the storefront church I walk past every day. They had converted the front half of their space into a convenience store to help raise money. I went in to buy an ice cream bar, but I checked each of the dozens of racks of ice cream bars scattered around and discovered that everything was half melted. Every ice cream I picked up was sagging and falling off its stick, and I had to try to get it back on the stick and back on the rack without having to pay for destroying ice cream. Hubby says the dream means I am feeling conflicted about my religious choices (he was kidding).

2) Seven turkey vultures circled over UIC yesterday. Had they spotted an undergrad who succumbed to final exam pressures?

3) Today is the National Day of Prayer. Celebrate by doing something useful with your time instead of praying.

4) Today is my LAST DAY OF TEACHING FOR OVER A YEAR. Hell yeah! Join me in a prayer that I get an NSF grant so I don't have to teach the next year, either. (kidding!)


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