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Monday, May 12, 2008
Frantic lab week
I have set myself an ambitious schedule for getting my data for the Evolution meeting by the end of this week. I just put 60 PCRs in the thermal cycler; each successful PCR represents 3 sequencing reactions, and I can run 48 sequences at a time. Then I have to edit the data and analyze it so it makes some sense. My preliminary results were a bit nonsensical so this may take some creative story-telling. Fun!

I just finished two not very good books, impulse buys from the used book store. Both were mysteries; one was also a cheesy romance novel in which the heroine fell in love with the guy who acted like a jerk but was HOT so his personality could be overlooked. Both were badly written. One kept using the wrong words and making me question whether I actually knew what those words meant (I did, it turned out). The other read like the script for a TV movie. Anyway, the conclusion of this rambling story is that I started reading A Tale of Two Cities this morning. It's like eating a gourmet meal after days of snacking on doritos. It's like lying on a pillowtop mattress after a week of sleeping on rocks. I forget sometimes what really good writing feels like. I keep going back to reread sentences, not because I am confused but because I want to savor them again. I've missed you, Mr. Dickens.


Blogger Heather said...

Try Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo next. Like Versailles after a Motel 6...

8:22 AM  

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