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Thursday, May 15, 2008
Frantic Lab Week, day 4
Wait, what happened to day 3?? Too frantic to write. I was the Sir Georg Solti of molecular systematics, conducting an orchestra of lab equipment and reactions and glassware in a harmonious symphony of productivity for nine straight hours. Followed by a mellow dinner of Quizno's and Dickens. Followed by seeing Flight of the Conchords at the Chicago Theatre. *love*

Day 4: Franticness is easing. I will do no more PCRs, no more exosaps, before my field trip. For all those samples that didn't amplify, I thumb my nose at you and leave you out of my study. And now I remember again why I oversample so much in the field.

Thinking about not sequencing tomorrow at all. These permits are not going to apply for themselves.

Am nibbling on Starbucks espresso truffles. Proof that money can indeed buy happiness--from Walgreens, no less.


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