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Thursday, May 08, 2008
Apres exam, le deluge
Final exam scores are in. The professor is wisely leaving town for a week, but I don't have that luxury. The onslaught of email has already begun. "Can I come plead for extra points on the exam we took two months ago?" Everything is a negotiation these days. The students think they can talk their way into a higher grade, and it must work sometimes or else why would they keep trying it? Why, in my day, if we missed a grade by a couple of points, we kicked ourselves for making stupid mistakes and took our lumps. I find myself saying things like that a lot these days. "In my day, we didn't even have Powerpoint. We had to attend class and take notes... using actual pencils!"

I am so old.

Had my commitee meeting earlier this week, and met individually with the out-of-town member today. Hooray, administrative duties are done for another year! Everything went swimmingly. You can't imagine how happy I am right now. Or maybe you can. Now I have two weeks in which to plan my entire field trip and gather the rest of my poster data and do my annual volunteer assignment. No problem!!


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