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Monday, May 26, 2008
Ahh, that's better
The final day of Frantic Lab Week (which was actually two weeks long) ended with me counting up the sequences I'd obtained for the second marker and discovering that so many of them failed that my sample size had plummeted into the realm of the unusable. Which meant I got to stop working immediately and declare that the first marker is good enough for now. I worked quite a bit on the poster over the weekend, learned two software packages for analyzing population genetics, and spent a ridiculous amount of time coloring tiny ovals in shades of green and orange. Because that's what scientists do. Who cares if my results make no sense as long as they're color coordinated?

I am about 80% clear to leave town on Friday. First site is in central Missouri, though I may make a recreational/cultural stop on the way. I considered swinging up into Wisconsin but seriously I need to STOP SAMPLING the northern populations. I may be the first-ever case of basswood addiction.

So I had a good holiday weekend overall. I improved my mad Guitar Hero skillz, compiled mp3 CDs to take in the car, worked, and watched the Cubs beat the Dodgers. Also learned how to change a tire on the new car, pulled a lot of weeds, went on a picnic. It was a good summer weekend at home. I won't have another of those for quite a while.


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