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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Signs of the apocalypse
According to an ad on the Tribune website, it is now possible to rent designer handbags, starting at $6 a week. I don't even know where to begin with that, so I'll just let you imagine my sputtering disbelief.

Took Miss Foleyface to the vet yesterday to have her gimpy leg x-rayed. She was SO good through the whole thing that I was popping with pride over how far she's come. She even zonked out on the floor of the waiting room, just after I'd told some people that greyhounds don't like to lie on hard floors because of all the pointy elbows. The metal plate and four screws that hold her leg bones together were rather jarring to see on the x-ray, vivid white shapes among the filmy bones and soft tissues. Turns out she has arthritis in that joint already, even though she's not even 3 yet. Good to know.

Met a young woman with the HUGEST dog I've ever seen. He was a black Great Dane, a full-grown puppy and a real charmer - I fell in love instantly. He was nervous about the scale his mommy was trying to coax him onto, so instead he stood up and put his paws gently onto her shoulders. He was taller than me!! Words just cannot describe how ginormous he was. He made Foley look like a little terrier when she emerged from x-ray. There's no way I could own such a dog, though. I need to know that when health or behavior require it, I can just pick up the dog and put her where I need her to be.


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