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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Spring break, still sucking
I planned to give myself a glorious, well-deserved weekday off this week, do some shopping, eat something tasty, pick out new glasses, color my hair. Well, it's not gonna happen. Too much to do! The field season is looming, the Evolution meeting is looming, and I have to have a committee meeting soon so I can tell my committee that I am not really sure where the last 10 months went but I apparently didn't spend them working on my project. Maybe I should show them my progress in Morrowind instead?

I mentioned to my advisor yesterday that I was feeling dull and unmotivated this week, and instead of commiseration I got: "Why don't you try screening some new primers?" Nothing will snap you out of the doldrums faster than primer screening! Wheeee!

Walked to Subway for lunch and got to marvel at the luxury auto show that is the Tuscany parking lot on Taylor Street. A glossy black Yukon with high-end trim package had the improbable license plate "WILD PIG". Cop with an attitude problem? Now, now, Bintie, get off your Jump to Conclusions Mat. I'm sure the FOP sticker in the window is just a coincidence.

Oh - and it's @#*@&! snowing.


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