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Friday, March 14, 2008
Happy Pi Day!
I just emailed away my second grant application of the week. Phew!! I sat on the email for about 15 minutes, checking and doublechecking the application materials for typos or crucial missing pieces or misspellings of the name of the guy collecting the applications (when someone's last name is Naczi, you must be *very* careful of the spelling!). Hitting "send" was very difficult but it is done. Then I checked my spreadsheet of grant and abstract deadlines, and oh look! There was another one due today that I totally forgot about. Poop.

Considering taking a half-day class at the Botanic Garden next week on trees and climate change. Another equally intriguing course they offer is Spring Baking: Cream Puff Pastry Parade. I'm sure I will be saying "cream puff pastry parade" to myself for the rest of the day.

First dozen chocolate marshmallow eggs is nearly gone. Easter comes early this year; I may not have time for many more.


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