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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Feelin' ranty
I am SO tired of the advertising gimmick in which someone pretends to have made a whole list of points, and is doling them out to you in arbitrary order. "Reason number 23 to shop at Carmax," "Marshall's Law number 17," etc. etc. Wouldn't it be more convincing if they just told us Reason #1 and possibly #2? ARGH, so irritating, and SO overused. The only acceptable use is a vastly exaggerated number, like "Reason #335,736,161,991 not to go to grad school."

The other advertising gimmick I despise is the disembodied twitching heads, especially stuck on unmatched bodies. Creeps me out. I would link to a picture but I can't bear to even look at such a picture so no links for you.

I would much rather watch this:
Bud Light commercial


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