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Friday, January 25, 2008
You're so cold, you're so cold, you're so cold
That song from The Strokes runs through my head non-stop these days. It is stupidly cold outside. I don't mind winter in general but if the thermometer struggles just to reach zero by afternoon, I feel justified in complaining. The temperature and air pressure differential was so huge in our building yesterday that I had to brace my foot on the door frame in order to pull the door open. I was also on the downside of a migraine yesterday and I think that was the reason I couldn't warm up despite wearing every snuggly piece of clothing I own.

Anxiety dream last night: the bio department forced me to get a second job, which made me late for the first day of my TA. By the time I got to the room full of long tables where all the bio classes were being conducted simultaneously, someone else had already claimed my TA and nobody would listen to my excuses. Then, tornados started bearing down on the building, and I was the only one who thought this might be a problem.

New source of guilt in my life: playing Guitar Hero III for hours while my actual real guitar sits untouched for ages in a bedroom closet.

I am suddenly cranking out data as fast as I can get it into the sequencer. Fingers crossed that my trees have interesting genetic variations in them! I continue not to have my laptop, so analyzing the data requires me to sit at the slow, ratty old iMac with the burned-in image of cats on the monitor. Any port in a storm, I suppose. I could do the analysis at home but I'd have to bring the hardware key with me and then my labmate couldn't use it. Single-license software sucks.


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