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Monday, January 21, 2008
I ♥ early voting
Early voting is the BEST invention. I also like the new touchscreens; writing on the screen with a funny plastic pencil reminds me of those writing tablets I used to play with as a kid. Rip off the top layer of plastic and the writing magically disappears! I remember the polling place where my parents voted in Rockford. It was someone's house, and they had a funny pole with a spinny thing on top in their front yard. This is back when voting was done behind curtains, and I wanted so much to know what went on in there but I stayed out of the way because I sensed that this was a time and place for seriousness and silence. My mom tried to explain the punch card thing to me but I misunderstood, and for years I thought voting involved punching bits of paper into tiny bins lined up behind the punch card; at the end of the day, the tiny bins were taken somewhere and the bits of paper were counted. It didn't seem like a good system to me but I figured many intelligent adults had devised the system so it must be foolproof. Little did I know!

I am not telling you who I voted for, but I will say I did a lot of research first. And, as happens so often, the candidates for whom I have such high hopes will horribly disappoint me later and I'll feel like a chump. As far as I know, however, only one person I've voted for has actually gone to jail. That's pretty good, isn't it?

I think that if we vote early, we should get a sign for our front door that says "Already voted! Go away!" so the precinct workers won't waste our time and theirs.

Finally, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:
I Have a Dream


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