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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Your tax dollars at work!
Yesterday, H.R. 847 passed the U.S. House with an overwhelming majority. What is H.R. 847? It's the "Yay Christianity!!" bill! It has no purpose or legal bite, so therefore it's not technically unconstitutional, but boy oh boy is it leaning into the gray area. Jesus Christ, people, we GET it: Christians win. You are in charge, you run everything, you invented Christmas and Western Civilization, you're Good People, hooray for you. But why is my constitutionally secular government wasting its time and resources to remind us that Christianity is Awesome? Of course hardly anyone voted against it; even the most strident atheist or Jew or any other non-Christian-theist is generally unwilling to take a public stand that brands them as an intolerant bigot who hates kittens and holidays. It would be downright unchristian.

For the record, Rep. Emanuel, I am very disappointed in you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The House earlier this year passed resolutions honoring Ramadan and the Hindu/Sikh holiday of Diwali.

Unlike the Christmas resolution, which had 9 "no" votes, neither of the previous two holiday-honoring resolutions had so much as a single "no" vote. This includes noted atheist Congressman Pete Stark of California, who voted "Yes" for Ramadan and Diwali (but "No" on this one).

10:03 PM  

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