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Monday, November 19, 2007
Thanksgiving is when?!?!!!
I have a paper due on the 29th. It involves me learning an entire field of study and applying it in many ways and justifying all my reasons, in two weeks. Presumably I have been learning all this stuff all quarter but there is a big difference between taking notes on a topic and having data to analyze all by your lonesome. The most frustrating thing is that I'm running up against the limitations of my computer. This offends me. Hasn't technology progressed to a point where I can only be limited by data availability? Why the heck not? Today I ran a bootstrap analysis on a maximum likelihood tree. Default is a hundred reps, a thousand is better, ten thousand is best, and you want to be best, right? What do you think of someone who only does the bare minimum? I started it running before I went to class and returned 75 minutes later to find that it had done 36 reps. Disgruntled, I cancelled it, set it to 100, and left for the the day. I think it's time to make a date with the UIC Unix cluster....


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