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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
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"I'm doing the best I ever did, I'm doing the best that I can
I'm doing the best I ever did -- Now, go away!" --Godsmack

T-minus less than two days. Pulled last-minute Bayesian analysis out of an unmentionable orifice. Maybe someday I'll find out what cold and heated chains are, and how I'm supposed to calculate the burn-in. For now, according to my TA, it's enough that I regurgitated what we did in lab and wrote some numbers on my tree. Wow, what a learning experience.

Interesting factoid: Swofford intended his software PAUP* to be pronounced "pop-star", but no one says it that way. It's always either "powp" (rhymes with cow-p) or "pawp" (rhymes with raw-p). I flip-flop but I think I lean towards the cow-p version. Too bad; "pop-star" would be more fun to say, but nobody would know what I was talking about.


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