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Monday, October 15, 2007
Tired of thinking up titles
We put on the first coat of paint in the bedroom yesterday. It's rather dramatically different, going from cool gray-blue to warm tan (and temporarily clashing horribly with the blue carpet). As the paint went on it looked like latte, but it dried much darker and I actually started panicking privately because I thought it was entirely the wrong color, too yellow-ish brown. Then I retrieved the new khaki-colored bedskirt, which in its plastic package in the guest room looked nothing like the bedroom paint, and held it against the bedroom wall, where it blended in like the carbonaria morph of the peppered moth on a sooty tree trunk. This is a complicated way of saying our eyes play funny tricks on us, the guys at our paint store are awesome at matching paint colors, and our bedroom is going to look very cool when it's done. Estimated time of completion is around Thanksgiving if all goes well. Exciting!!

My stupid email client just redownloaded 3500 email messages that I've received since June. This despite the fact that I interrupted the download, logged into the mail server, and deleted my entire inbox. Where were those emails coming from if not the server?

Finally uploaded all of the pictures from my field trip into Flickr. View them, singly or as a slideshow, here.


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