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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Oh, Peoples Gas, you make me laugh
Our gas company recently entered the late twentieth century and made paperless bills a magical reality. I signed up as soon as they announced it, and just now received my first e-bill. "You Have Bills." the subject line intoned despondently. Boy, do I ever. Thanks for understanding my pain, Peoples Gas.

I had bake-sale chocolate cookies for breakfast. It was for a good cause, I'm sure, though I didn't actually look to see what the cause was. Hopefully I didn't support the Young Republican Fundamendalist Christians for Teaching Creationism and Kitten Torture in Public Schools Society (YRFCTCKTPSS) by accident!

Mystery bug bite reaction: Still spreading. Still itchy. Still embarrassing, but caring less because scratching feels *so* good.


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