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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
I have received six of these emails in the last two days:
"Seller Notification: Your Order Has Been Shipped"

Now I just need to finish slogging my way through Middlemarch. Actually, it had a sudden burst of plot today; Bulstrode, agonizing over how to deal with the one man who knows his terrible secret, sort of neglects to tell a caregiver that the man should not be allowed any alcohol ever. The man dies the next morning after a healthy dose of medicinal brandy. Hooray! (The terrible secret has something to do with a past remarriage and inheritance and blah blah blah, the usual Victorian social atrocities)

We are almost done redecorating our bathroom, and have begun work on the bedroom. Ceilings are not fun to paint. I don't remember it sucking so much last time, but Mark reminded me that I was 12 years younger at the time. I'm so old. :(

Got a tetanus shot yesterday. Both UIC and U Chicago have sent me emails with dire warnings: Get your tetanus shot or we'll stick you with a rusty nail! In other health news, something bit me in the throat last night and I have a huge red painful itchy spot right on my larynx. It's not a mosquito bite, and I hate to think what else it could be. People are quick to blame mystery bites on spiders, though I've read that most spider bites are in fact just staph infections. All I know is it itches and hurts and makes me want to claw at my throat.
ETA Wednesday morning: Most of my throat is now red and hot and the redness is creeping down towards my chest. The itching is all I can think about. ARRRRRGH! Stupid nature and its stupid bugs!!!


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