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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Sims stuff
At long last, an evening with nothing to do! I uninstalled and reinstalled my Sims game a couple of weeks ago, blowing away slow neighborhoods and several legacies worth of character files. Then I committed to playing a University scenario all the way through for the first time. The problem with University is that I'm incapable of not studying my butt off for a grade, even in a VR school, so my poor Sim spends all her time writing extra credit papers instead of sleeping around like a normal college student.

I made a new character and named him Napoleon Spocky. Yesterday he lost his job, was living on his house-less lawn, was running out of money, and had nothing to eat but rotten Chinese food. Napoleon had hit bottom.

Only his fond memories of a girl with red lips got him through the night.


Blogger Semavi Lady said...

I love Uni! With additional expansion packs (for places to visit and date) it's pretty flexible for students.

I like your Mr Spock. I used have a crush on the Spock in Star Trek. Yeah, I already know I'm weird.

My university students sell expresso, are fitness trainers for extra cash. Doesn't make them rich but keeps them going. One was eventually able to buy a car before his junior year (need Nightlife for that) tho I think his grades are still needing a kick in the butt -- but I just wanted to prove I could get a student to afford a car.

I work my students pretty hard the first semester and later they have more time for fun and get some nice grants. Once in the secret society, they have a lot of access to money. :)

Gah, now I want to play, but since Talk like a Pirate day, I haven't had time. :(

4:21 PM  

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