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Friday, September 07, 2007
I'm getting wet and I don't care at all
Actually, I do care. I make it a point to get off the train early and walk the mile-plus to campus at least a couple of times a week, but today I picked a very bad day to do that. The rain hit when the bus was no longer an option, and by the time I reached the student center I was soaked from the thighs down. I visited the bookstore but my only options were XL sweatpants, something that looked like neon-colored pajama bottoms, and bright green short-shorts with UIC written across the butt. The last thing I need is a bright green billboard butt, so I am doomed to wear wet and increasingly cold jeans. *sigh*

I've been back in the lab for two weeks now. The DNA extractions didn't go well at first, but I think I have the problem figured out and am extracting as fast as I can. Next week I'm presenting my project in front of my fellow students for the first time, which shouldn't be bad since I don't have any actual results yet so there's nothing to critique. It will also give me a chance to revisit my proposal and start thinking about the revisions and next year's sampling strategy.


Blogger Semavi Lady said...

I had a not so wonderful experience once of forgetting to empty my jacket pocket before going to the store.

One of our chickens was just figuring out this egg laying business, left an egg in plain sight and underfoot when I was tossing some hay out to my horse. I picked up the precious egg, still warm, its shell so perfect and beautiful (and green!) and slipped it into my pocket. I finished chores and got into my car, strapped on the seat belt and went to deliver some mail and do grocery shopping.

I dropped my keys into my pocket and went to pay for some stamps...

ALAS... when I got to the store, I dipped my hand into my pocket to fish out some loose change.

That's when I found that the pocket that the egg I forgot about, was crushed by the seatbelt. Egg and shells were sloshing round in my pocket which was not waterproof. A stain was starting on my jeans. My fingers were a neon yellow from freerange egg yolk. Keys were swimming in it too. I had a papertowel in the pocket to do wipe ups after chores, but it was now part of the omelet in my pocket.

Of course, there was a line of people wondering why I was making a huge mess at customer service. Lots of giggles.

Sigh... I also had some alfalfa leaves in my hair from tossing hay over to the feeder.

4:11 PM  

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