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Saturday, July 28, 2007
On the road again
How long is that song going to be stuck in my head?!

Leaving Monday morning with my mom to do a relatively short trip eastward, hitting Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, with hopefully some time for fun stuff along the way. It's going to be very strange to be in charge for a change; it's always been so easy, even as an adult, to slip into a "Mom's in charge" mindset whenever we're together. My first imperious decision will involve the Dunkin Donuts on Addison. We're going and that's final! I must have iced coffee for the road! Also a donut, because it would be silly not to.

Took Libbyface to the vet yesterday to see if he has any answers regarding her progressive rear-end weakness and her rapid weight loss. She was about 75 lbs. when we got her 9 years ago; yesterday she weighed 49. That's a third of a dog!! Yes, she was overweight before, but she's looking very gaunt now. Doc couldn't say other than that her discomfort with standing makes her not want to go to the food dish. We are now in Operation Bed Snacks, putting handfuls of food on her bed throughout the day just to get some calories in her. As for the weakness, the polyneuropathy is progressing faster in her than it did in Jazzy. There's really not much we can do about it. No more running, spinning, bouncing, or flying down stairs for Miss Libbyface. However, lots of snuggles and kisses and kibble-scented belches. Some things cannot be stopped.

ETA: Was just remembering someone's blog post in which she commented that the shape of West Virginia infuriated her. After staring at it in the atlas for an hour, I have to agree. Ohio and Maryland appear to have tossed some leftover land on the scrap heap, and West Virginia cheerfully stuck them on to herself like a crazy bag lady. Look out, Virginia, she's coming for you next!


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