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Monday, April 09, 2007
Happy Easter!
Final tally on marshmallow eggs: 3 dozen. Although, I did stop at Walgreens this morning to see if they had any on clearance. (they did not.)

Leftover ham and side dishes are in the fridge. Is it very pathetic to skip grocery shopping because I know Grandma's leftovers are good for two days of meals?

I made cheese enchiladas. They are really really good but I left them in the oven too long, reheating, so they became a sort of cheesy mush. Luckily, there's enough filling for another half dozen so I can try again.

I also got the crazy urge to color eggs, something I haven't done in years. I had to look up in a cookbook how to hard-boil an egg. I am truly the master of all things domestic. :/ The eggs were pretty though. I ate one and tonight will devil the rest. That should fulfill my egg needs for the next six months or so...


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