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Saturday, April 14, 2007
#9 Dream (or however many it's been)
When I was able to sleep at all last night (I seem to be unable to stay awake when on the couch, but when I drag myself upstairs and collapse in bed, my stupid brain decides it's Wakeful Party Time), I had a dream about the lab. Several people were industriously working in different parts of the lab, as was I, but the light above my bench was off and it was hard to see what I was doing. I went to the lightswitch but instead found a bank of maybe 10 light switches, some labeled, some on and some off. I flipped them all on and the lab went dark. "Sorry, sorry!" I hastily called, and flippped random switches to "off" so some lights would come back on. I proceeded to screw with combinations of on and off, occasionally pissing off my colleagues, and never successfully getting *all* of them to be on.

Today: painting the trim in the guest room, so we can put the house back to rights. Tomorrow: going to the lab, where there is in reality only one light switch for the whole room, and I'm pretty good at operating it by now.


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