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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Pi Day Post
Happy Pi Day! To celebrate, I will discuss nothing mathematical at all. Instead: music! My mostly vain attempts to find new music to listen to, and a reiteration of the life-theme "Life's too short to listen to boring music."

Fall Out Boy - I've been subjected to the song "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" on a daily basis in a Verizon commercial, and it sort of got stuck in my head so now I have it. Other songs on the same album: eh.

Fratellis - Another TV commercial song, this one for iPod. Garage-punk, good bouncy spring music, appropriate this week when we actually hit 70+ degrees (but later today will plunge to the 40s, and everyone's freaking out like it wasn't in the 40s just a few days ago and we all own coats anyway so who cares?). I like this one enough that I plan to get the rest of the album. I don't like Mac computers, but I love my iPod and their commercials have the best songs since the old Mitsubishi campaign.

Iggy Pop - Best Of. Iggy takes some getting used to but he's so much fun! "I Wannt Be Your Dog" takes me back to a hilarious fanfic series, Sith Academy, that now I want to go reread except I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. Also, "Lust for Life" reminds me of Caribbean cruises. Why am I getting all my favorite songs from commercials these days?! Argh.

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible album. I keep hearing recs for this from everywhere, so of course had to try such a can't-miss album. Oh my GOD it's boring. Goodbye, Arcade Fire!

Roxy Music - Best Of. I quest back in time for genres and bands I missed the first time around, sometimes pleasantly surprised and sometimes feeling relief I didn't bother way back when. Roxy is a "glad I didn't bother" band. Brian Ferry, who told you you could sing?

Kasabian - Kasabian album. Heard the song "Club Foot" on Q101 the other day and loved it. It's a semi-techno song, great beat, very addictive. The rest of the album is...not. We'll just keep the one song, thanks.

And lest you think I hate pretty much everything, I listen to the latest My Chemical Romance and Strokes albums over and over, Sleater-Kinney and Babes in Toyland share my anger when I'm irritated at the world (which is often), and I've rediscovered my love for The Cure. I bought an album by Earl Greyhound, partially on a recommendation and partially because of the name, and they are absolutely fantastic. I also considered going to the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee this summer, to see The White Stripes and others, but then found out the tickets are hundreds of dollars. You don't just go to one show, you go camping for four days and see every performer there. It actually sounds fantastic but not alone and not for four days. My mission this summer is to be efficient, productive, and occasionally amused. More on that later.


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