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Thursday, March 08, 2007
Music on the El
Blue Line, Jackson stop (where the renovation is almost done and it all looks so bright and shiny, while by comparison the rest of the stops look like 19th century sewers): a pair of young men playing pipes and a tiny little mandolin-like instrument, to taped accompaniment, in a lovely medieval/Celtic style. I was really enjoying their songs when I realized I was humming along with one. I had no idea what song it was or how I knew it, since ethereal instrumentals are usually not my preferred genre, and it proceeded to drive me crazy for the next ten minutes or so. As I climbed the stairs at Halsted, it finally hit me: Wind of Change by the Scorpions, a song I probably haven't heard in 15 years. It's a very nice song, though I never would have expected to hear a song by a German metal band being covered in Celtic style in an El station in downtown Chicago. Then again, maybe that's exactly the kind of thing I should expect...

For your listening/viewing pleasure: Wind of Change


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