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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Hump Day science
In light of the paper on latitudinal diversity gradients we're reading for journal club this week, I wanted to post the following, which always cracks me up:

The centrifugal theory of species diversity

After a few weeks of crappy sequences, my advisor and I painstakingly went through every step of the sequencing process together so as to eliminate any errors being introduced by my methods/chemicals/thermocycler etc. The result is coming through on the sequencer right now: lovely clean data (possibly *too* lovely, as I seem to be having an issue with too much DNA in my reactions). The solution is clear: my advisor should do all my sequencing for me.

Work on our bathroom and guest room moves forward rapidly. The "little" hole in the downstairs bathroom wall turned out to be a hole big enough for me to stand in, if I could stand on the edge of the drywall without breaking it. I also discovered that that bathroom would gain about 1.5 inches on every side if we stripped to the lath and redrywalled; it currently has plaster and two layers of drywall. Rooms shrink with every remodel.


Blogger Semavi Lady said...

Centrifugal force!

Well that explains everything! ;)

2:30 AM  

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