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Friday, February 23, 2007
The keycard of power
I now have a keycard that gives me access to the secret parts of the Field Museum. I had always wondered what went on in those other parts of the building... and now it's all mine! I'll be haunting the herbarium in a few days. Their molecular lab is nice but crowded. I used to dream of working there but I've grown to really like our setup here and wouldn't want to leave. Besides, commuting between UIC and the museum is awful. The 12 bus hates us all.

Had my first committee meeting, and it went mostly fine but ended on a depressing note, I thought. I hate being reminded of how far behind I am. It was one of those moments where I feel balanced on a decision point, and tipping one way (QUIT and get a real job!!) or the other (Work your butt off and be miserable for the foreseeable future!) are equally likely, and equally appealing. Do I care which way I fall? Depends on when you ask me, whether my last PCR worked, how low my blood sugar is.

I had plans for the day but that trip to the museum sucked the middle out of the day and left me with two useless day-bits. I think I'll head home early and get back to grading exams. One page down, four to go!


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