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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Random encounter
As I walked down the El platform this morning, a young woman stopped me and asked if her eyebrows looked okay. It took a second to process that she did in fact ask me about her eyebrows, then I glanced at them and said they looked fine. Of course, what I was thinking was "please let this conversation end quickly!", but I am polite to the bitter end and therefore end up in all sorts of bizarre conversations. She didn't buy my flip answer and pressed the issue; apparently people were telling her they looked terrible and weren't even, and she wasn't sure what to think. So, I looked again and reassured her that they were even, they looked good, and if others don't like them, who cares?

Now, let me tell you, they really did not look so good. She had shaved her heavy brows into a thin line on each side. The thin brows were fine but, hey chicky? You've gotta be vigilant with the plucking! Eyebrow stubble - not a good look on anyone. *shudder*

And that is my beauty advice for the day.

And now for something completely different: This is TOTALLY me at our weekly departmental seminar:


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