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Friday, January 12, 2007
Fretty McFret-a-lot
Having a terrible fear that Libby barked out her internal stitches and her larynx is recollapsing. Watching her very carefully right now. We were supposed to keep her calm (i.e. no barking, running, etc.) for 6 weeks, but by about 4 weeks she was totally back to her old happy active self and keeping that dog from barking is *impossible*. I'm bored! Woof! I'm hungry! Woof! It's 3 a.m.! Woof woof! At 5 weeks, Tuesday night, she was acting funny and got a little sick, and Wednesday she started panting audibly. Just a bit, but more than she had throughout her recovery.

If she needs the surgery repeated I will be SO angry at myself I just can't even tell you. So fingers crossed that the hoarse panting is just phlegm or maybe irritation from eating dry kibble.

ETA: The doc thinks her throat is fine, but did some x-rays to find the reason she was panting so much. Turns out she has some evil-looking arthritis in her lower back, not a big surprise, so we have her on meds for that now. What a drag it is getting old.


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