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Thursday, January 04, 2007
Everything I know about opera I learned from cartoons.
Seen today on Jackson: a short-haired hipster guy with a little fauxhawk on the back of his head, down by the nape. Not a side-effect of combing his hair back on both sides, but an intentional 3 inches of fauxhawk. Perhaps he uses it as a rudder.

I'm finding being back in the lab completely exhausting. I'm on my feet, back and forth, bending over, mixing and measuring, for hours and hours, and I more and more can appreciate why my mom was always pausing during shopping trips to lean over and stretch her lower back (while pretending to look at fascinating items on low shelves). Not to mention the mile walk to and from the west-side lab to fill our water bottles. Gotta love a science lab building where the deionized water tanks are contaminated; we have to haul water in from other labs, or buy it. On the plus side, we had lunch at Pompei. Yum!

I've been cultivating a taste for milk and sugar in my tea. Why? Why not? I learned today about a drink called a London Fog: hot milk, vanilla syrup, and Earl Grey tea. Like a Starbucks chai, but with better tea. (I tried chai tea by itself a couple of times - it was okay until I read the ingredients and found out it has black pepper in it. After that, all I could taste was pepper. Ugh.)


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