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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Well it's about time.
Time's Person of the Year: Me

No, really!

Today: Christmas shopping. One more thing to buy, and I think I'm done, but of course there are also cookies to be made. And eaten. And made again, to replace what I had intended to take to various parties.

I'm very happy to bid goodbye and good riddance to a fairly crappy 2006. Not that it was relentlessly awful, but there were enough significant unhappinesses that I just haven't felt like myself in months. I miss myself but I don't foresee a return for quite a while yet, since those bad things are still around. There is a woman whose livejournal I read often, and she had this to say about her also significantly unhappy year:

"I have no talent for unhappiness. I always end up forgetting I'm unhappy and making jokes about it."

I need to be more like her.


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