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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I do more before 9 am than most people do all day
This morning: got up at stupid o'clock, under a brilliant full moon, and took Mark to work. Drove home, got myself ready for the day, did usual dog maneuvers, gave Libby an acepromazine, then drove her to the hospital. She freaked out a bit in the truck but after a few minutes she lay down and stopped wheezing. When I arrived at the hospital, she was happily stoned and didn't seem to mind the dogs and noise at all. We met with the doctor, who seems very nice and capable and has experience in treating laryngeal paralysis. He was also quite impressed that we have a greyhound who is almost 15 - Jazzy, despite his various neuroses and such, is approaching a legendary age. It used to be, when we told people how old he is, they'd give us that sympathetic "Oh" that means "We're all aware that he doesn't have much time left." Now, we get the "Oh!" that means "That's amazing! Good job!"

Last I saw Libby, she was flopped in the doctor's arms and being taken off for x-rays. I paid the (rather impressive) deposit, got a bit misty, and found a sympathetic ear in the nice woman at the desk. Then I drove to Mark's office, left the truck, walked to the nearest Metra station, and took the train downtown. By then it was close to lunch so I treated myself to a burrito at Burrito Beach, then walked to campus with it inside my coat. I amused myself by imagining various people being extra kind because I looked pregnant, then poking myself in the abdomen and saying "No, it's okay, it's only a burrito!"

Libby is now out of surgery and is doing fine, and the weird lump in her mouth has been removed and is being biopsied. We can pick her up tomorrow, and then the long recovery begins. Meanwhile, there's just one dog on the webcam, and no furry white snugglemuffin to come say good night to me tonight.


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