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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Today's anxiety dream is brought to you by United Airlines
I was in a complicated airport that was actually more of a department store (and I frowned at a few customers for shopping at Macy's in Chicago, so apparently it was a Macy's). I had been put in charge, by a large, capable woman, of a group of out-of-town visitors. She indicated the elevators and doors we had to use, told me she was sure I could handle it, and bustled off. The elevators and doors were unlabeled and I didn't know which combination to use or even what our destination was, and the group of visitors was milling around and looking at me expectantly. Last thing I remember was running, running like the wind, past displays of colorful sweaters, trying to find the large, capable woman so I could ask her, Now what was I supposed to be doing again?


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