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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Other stuff
1) Thanksgiving has come and gone. Was nice to see the Michigan family but the trip was pretty awful; Libby went into respiratory distress just minutes from home. It's not fun to try to calm your dog while she foams at the mouth and her gums turn lavender. That was the kick in the pants we needed, and although I wanted to wait until after finals, she's going in for unilateral tieback surgery on her larynx next Tuesday. I'm coping by arming myself with information, and scritching her throat frequently (which she loves), because it may be months before I can do that again, if ever.

2) I'm still not convinced that the whole sleepy tryptophan thing isn't just a myth. I think people get sleepy after dinner because they can. I didn't feel the least bit sleepy, and I didn't notice anyone else dozing off, either.

3) Holy crap, it's almost December!


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