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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Election Day
Vote early, vote often! It's appropriate that Election Day comes so soon after Halloween, because of course in Chicago, the dead return to life to cast their ballots. For my part, I voted last week so when I'm accosted by the poll-nazis on my way to work, I can be all superior and wave them off. "What, me, wait in line to vote? Please." I don't get a lot of opportunities to be smug so I will make the most of it!

The poll-nazis piss me off, incidentally. In order to get to the train, I have to run a gauntlet. Who are these people, anyway? Driving people to the polls to make sure they vote your way - that makes sense, in a corrupt, machine-politics way. Standing on corners in your nice clothes, shouting "Have you voted?" It's just weird.

Speaking of gauntlets, I was faced with a crowd (maybe 25 men) of SWAP* workers blocking the sidewalk outside the El station the other day. That I *really* did not appreciate. Not that I was in any danger, but I could feel all their eyes on me and I was very aware that they were purposely not moving aside for me and enjoying my discomfort. I managed to find a clear route between the Kennedy's support pillars and the road and edged past them. The sheriff's deputies saw me and could have asked them to move, but did not. And no, I don't require special treatment, but there is a steady stream of pedestrians going to the El. Why should anyone have to wade through a crowd of convicted criminals and assault weapons? The outcome can only range from discomfort to potential disaster.

*SWAP is the prisoner's work-release program in Cook County. Busloads of them are taken here and there to do clean-up work under armed guard.

Random: Had a dream last night that I went to a shower (baby?) for my cousin. We all introduced ourselves, and I totally forgot my cousin's name and my nervous stammering kicked in full-swing. I got panicky and started blurting out what I do for a living, while well-dressed women stared at me with thinly veiled digust. It was really horrible, and I am pretty sure it was another prelim-anxiety dream. I may just start tracking those - the forms they take are actually pretty interesting.

I had another dream that was really cool, so interesting that I'm not sharing it because I think I can make a story out of it. If only I hadn't awakened before the ending. Endings are hard!


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