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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Why paper money is a good idea
My darling husband was out of town this weekend so to keep myself amused I ran a bunch of annoying errands that I'd been putting off. One was hauling my jar of change to the Coinstar machine at Jewel. This plastic teddy bear-shaped jar (used to contain animal crackers, which do not make good legal tender) holds about a gallon, and it was full. Not only was it heavy, it was slippery, and I had horrible visions of it slipping from my fingers and exploding in the parking lot. I spent what seemed like a half hour feeding coins into the machine, which was noisy as hell. I felt like the entire store was looking at me, and though I've never seen anyone use that machine in all the years we've been shopping at that Jewel, this morning several people got in line behind me before I was done. Anyway, it was fun to guess how much change I had. The total: $230. !!!!


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