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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Why not? Music meme
Picked this music meme up from Heather and Dale:

Best title ever for a piece of music - Wow, no idea. A quick peek at my MP3 list reveals some good ones: Woo Hoo, Mmmm, Rock Lobster, and I Didn't Like You Anyway. Or how about She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft? Tear in my Beer?

Most underrated guitarist - My favorite guitarist is Stevie Ray Vaughan, who is exactly as highly rated as he should be. I'm also a huge fan of Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule (and formerly The Allman Brothers), who has a fantastic gravely voice to boot.

Music that moves me to tears - Baby Mine, from the movie Dumbo. I have a cover of it by Bonnie Raitt, who I normally don't like much, but she sounds so sentimental yet down to earth in it. Someone once mentioned playing it at the vet when they put their dog to sleep and now I am getting weepy even typing this.

Most unusual lead instrument in a piece of music - The xylophone in The White Stripes' The Nurse.

Coolest name ever for a Rock 'N Roll band - I remember long ago, on MTV, there was a video by Box of Frogs. I wonder what ever happened to them?

Worst genre of music ever - I agree with Heather on the Muzak. It makes me wish I were deaf. Also: "smooth jazz", which is basically Muzak but with songs you don't recognize. Nobody can kill a mood like Kenny G.

Best guitar jam - Stevie Ray's "Little Wing" off of The Sky is Crying. Gives me chills.

Music that's ever scared your kid - Will have to go with one that scared *me* as a kid :) The intro to Styx's "Too Much Time On My Hands" frightened me and several of my friends at a New Years party... we all scampered upstairs to where the adults were because it sounded like UFOs landing.

National Anthem that most gets the blood pumping - I only know two and only the US's rouses any emotion. Now that the Expos are the Nationals, I never even hear Canada's anymore.


Blogger Heather said...

Music that scared ME as a kid was Berlioz' Dream of a Witch's Sabbath, from Symphonie Fantastique. It's the one from The Shining where the boy is running in the snow.

Jack Nicholson still gives me the screaming willies, and I'm not the only woman, either.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

You know, I never even saw The Shining until just a few months ago? The scene in the book that scared me wasn't even in the movie - the topiaries that moved whenever Danny wasn't looking directly at them. But then topiaries are pretty evil in general.
I remember the music from The Omen creeping me out... something with a chorus of demon voices accenting the beats.

8:39 PM  

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