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Friday, October 20, 2006
Tired of studying, so posting instead
Somewhere between panicking about prelims, reading about systematics, and studying the ins and outs of photosynthesis so I can answer panicky questions before the upcoming exam, I've been reading:

-Riders of the Purple Sage - more Mormons than you can shake a stick at, endless descriptions of the landscape (yes, the sage is purple, we get it!!), the occasional cold-blooded vengeance killing, and a heart-rending moment when a beloved horse was shot near the edge of a cliff in order to kill the rider who stole him (when the pair went over the cliff I got a little misty). Biggest disappointment: the sexy badass Bad Man reforms and becomes all wishy-washy for the love of a woman. Biggest joy: the Wishy-Washy Man previously in love with that woman and then another becomes a sexy badass Bad Man, though for all the wrong reasons. Lesson learned: when you start a serious relationship, communication is very important, or your new partner might misinterpret events from your past and shoot your father. Also, when your property is constantly filled with traitors and spies bent on your ruin, keep an eye on the kid. Sheesh.

-Breakfast of Champions - I've read this many times before but it's been a while since I read any Vonnegut. He's always refreshing, and plus you get to see a drawing of an asshole. ---> *

And now back to the Calvin cycle, and stalking this accursed Drosophila that is driving me insane. You can always tell when the genetics labs have started their fruit fly experiments.


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