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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Geeking out at the Field
Saw the Mendel exhibit today at the Field Museum. Is it irrational of me to squeal over the very copy of The Origin of Species that Mendel read and made marginal notes in? I think science needs more fangirls (and fanboys). I was gratified when a herd of children galloped past me near the Plants of the World exhibit and I heard one say, "Hey, guys, it's the plants! Let's go in!!" and they all said "Yeah!!" and followed him. Future Nerds of America.

My favorite things at the museum: the Welwitschia model in PotW, Sue's head, the South Pacific island village and volcano, the "movie" of Cambrian life, and the carseat with the meteorite hole in it. (yes, they also have the meteorite itself, but the seat cracks me up.) The evolution exhibit as a whole is fantastic although I am growing weary of dinosaurs, and the progression of the exhibit timeline sort of grinds to a halt when the Hall of Dinosaurs is reached. Not their fault, though; if you have dozens of dinosaurs, where else are you going to display them--the airport?*

*(Note faux-sarcasm; there actually is a dinosaur in the United terminal at O'Hare, and another outside the museum. Our dino-cup runneth over.)


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