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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Batting 1.000 on the season
We went to our first and last Cubs game of the season today, in which the Cubs beat the Reds 11-3 in a cheery rout. Zambrano pitched 7 shutout innings and helped his own cause with a home run. I heart Zambrano! Our seats were in the second row behind home plate, and we were of course thankful for the helpful net that protects us from foul balls... until a ball was lined straight back and *through the net*, hitting the ear of a guy sitting about 8 seats away. Yikes. During the last inning, we moved up to the front row just because we could, and also to get away from the guy I sold our extra tickets to. Next time, remind me to set a width maximum. I'll be happy to sell you my tickets but you must be 1) skinny, 2) not an obnoxious drunk, and 3) willing to share your nachos.

Like the huge dorks we are, we taped the game and then went home to see if we were on TV. Turns out we were in the blind spot between the center field camera and the left-handed batter's camera, but we caught a couple of blurry glimpses of ourselves during pan shots. Good place to sit if you don't want your boss to know you skipped work to go to a game. (We also saw the guy get hit with the foul ball on TV but the announcers didn't even mention it.)

Thank you to the various people out there who have sent get well wishes to Jazzy. He is pretty happy but I don't think he'll ever be back to where he was a month ago. He and I shared a blankie in the yard yesterday, soaking up some of the last good weather of the year.


Blogger Semavi Lady said...

Ear rubs and kisses for Jazzy boy.

*barely surpressing giggle about NACHOS, and the game camera* };>
Glad it was a win game, all the merrier!

1:28 PM  

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