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Monday, August 28, 2006
Year Three, Day 1
Today is the first day of my third year of graduate school. I don't really feel a whole two years' worth of smarter than I was on my first day. Too bad, though: my prelims MUST be done in the next 12 months, smart or not.

Dogs are better and are eating their overpriced prescription food with huge enthusiasm. Jazzy starts eating it right out of the scoop before I can pour it into the bowl.

Went clothes shopping for the first time in I can't remember how long yesterday. Tried on ten million pairs of jeans, even bought some. Hey, curvy is back in style, hallelujah! That was probably my last-ever visit to Marshall Field's, since they become Macy's sometime in September. Merchandise-wise, I doubt it will make a bit of difference, but I do share in the collective resentment felt by much of the city. The Field name is an institution, an icon of Chicago retail and civic responsibility. We'll get over it pretty soon, but seeing the Macy's logo on that gorgeous building on State Street is going to be painful at first. This poor city has always had trouble staying out of New York's shadow. And just a couple of days ago, it was announced that Carson Pirie Scott is closing their State Street store. Perhaps the department store is an outdated concept, but this is still sad news. At least the building will survive intact, being a landmark regardless of its contents.


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